Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways

Which one is better ?   The little chair on the beach…….





Or the same chair with our 4 year old wrapped in a towel sitting in it ?   This little chair is very obviously broken, but he refuses to consider getting rid of it!




Which is better…   The view of the river as we rested after a hike on  very hot and humid day ?





Or the one where I turned the camera down just a bit to get the shot of our feet cooling off in the same  river ?



Where Did We Go ?

I’ve been away from the blog for a few days since we took an almost vacation trip for close to two weeks.  ‘Almost Vacation’ since the first half of the trip was me and Mr. C tagging along with Ms. J for a conference, and the second half of the trip was to attend the wedding of Ms. J’s sister.

So, where did we go ?  Can anyone guess where we went based on this photo ?


This is a huge fountain that randomly shoots massive jets of water through 40 or so spigots while “world music” plays in the background.   Hours of fun for Mr. C.   I have no idea how many hundreds of times he ran towards the water to see how close he could get without getting wet.   I also have no idea how he was able to not get wet at all, except for his shoes.  I got soaked trying to keep up with him, yet he was completely dry.    How about guessing from this one  below?


Yes, anyone who guessed Seattle would be correct!

A delightful city of wonderful restaurants and a variety of other things to do, especially for kids.   Wish we could have spent more time there, but all we had was 3 days.   So, me and Mr. C spent quite a few hours on the monorail in the mornings, and then we would go over to the “Children’s Museum” for an hour or two before meeting Ms. J for dinner.  I say “Children’s Museum” because as nice as it is, I would not call it a museum, it’s really more like a nice educational indoor playground.  But I guess you can’t really call it the “Seattle Indoor Somewhat Educational Indoor Playground” and still charge $8.25 to get in.

Something else we found out was that Mr. C is starting to not believe us when we make things up like calling it the “Space Noodle” instead of “Space Needle”, and saying that the round thing on top will take off into space once we get out of the elevator.

Our trip was way too short, there’s a lot of things to do and so many great restaurants in Seattle that we wanted to try, but we’ll have to go back some other time.

The rest of our trip was spent in another exotic destination that will have to wait for the next post since I now have to spend the rest of the evening on a call to Southwest Airlines to complain about one of the worst flights back that we’ve ever had.  Which will be great material for another post, but was not so much fun at the time.