Mr. C’s Tree News

It’s warming up here in New Hampshire, the snow is melting fast.  This can make for some nice photos..





but it also means that the massive piles of snow in parking lots are now completely covered in dirt.  Much of which gets tracked into the house, the source of the term: “Mud Season”.


and there are potholes everywhere…


At least our new tree made it through the Winter!


Delusions of Spring

It’s March in New Hampshire that must mean that Spring is almost here!

Temperatures are in the 50’s in March, and so all the streets are must be clear of snow and ice by now, right?! Lets see how what the local roads are like today!


My bulbs must be starting to sprout, let’s take a look and see how they are doing!


The sky should be clear and blue and the sun should be shining! How’s it look outside today?


With it so warm out I should be able to just hop in the car without having to scrape a layer of ice off the windows now. How’s the car looking today?!


The grass should be starting to turn green. Lets check out the lawn!


I bet the roses are starting to get some buds! Can’t wait to see how they’re doing! Lets check in how my rose bushes are doing today!


I’m sure it’s warm enough for me and Mr. C to go in the backyard to play with his trucks. It’ll be good to be able to get out of the house before i go completely stir crazy from being inside so much of the time with an active 4 year old! Where are those trucks we had last year anyway?