Again with the snow!

The snow is now up to the “Stop” sign at the end of the street. You might also be able to see a “Do Not Enter” sign across the street at just about the same level of snow.

Here’s a couple more photos of the latest snowpile.

It can be a challenge driving now. There’s no visibility around corners, so drivers have to pull far into intersections to see oncoming traffic. Some two lane roads are now one way . Apparently, there are entire neighborhoods in Boston that are now mazes of narrow one way streets due to the snow piles making them all much more narrow than they normally are.

One of our neighbors let me use his roof shovel, which helped get the huge mound of snow off our roof. We’ve never had a problem with snow on the roof since it is a fairly steeply pitched roof, there’s just too much of it for any roof to handle now.

See how gray the sky is? That is what most days look like. There will be maybe one or two days a week that will have a few hours of sun, but most of the time its gray, gray, gray.

33 days till Spring!



Does this photo look familiar ?



In the past two weeks we have had a storm that dumped 33 inches of snow, a storm about a week later that gave us 14 inches of snow, and this past Monday we had a storm that dropped another 12 or so inches.  Today,we are getting hit with a small storm that will probably drop a measly 3 or so inches, but then there’s a storm coming this weekend that might have 18 to 22 inches of additional snow.  There’s just no place left to put all this snow!

I have to carefully schedule trips to the supermarket to make sure we don’t run out of food during the extended periods of seclusion in the house.  Sounds easy, but the weather forecasts here are usually not that precise, so I will sometimes not make it out in time to stock up, leaving us to eat random things we find in the cabinet and refrigerator.

We also now have a huge ice dam on the roof that is letting in a steady trickle of water into our living room.  Living in New England is fun!

Let’s look at some garden pictures instead!   La-la-la-la, I can’t hear you Mr. Weatherman, winter is over, winter is over, it’s springtime now, la-la-la-la…..