I’m now officially old

Well the dreaded day has finally arrived.

Here in the US, at a certain point in your life, you are sent a letter from the AARP asking if you want to join their organization.  That’s the American Association of Retired Persons.

This letter is sent nowhere near to when you are planning on retiring.   How the AARP is able to mail these offers out so accurately near to your big birthday is a mystery to me.  I happen to work in this type of database marketing, and I still don’t know how they do it.  Maybe I should have titled the blog ‘Old Dad’. IMG_7718

Oops, in the process of opening up their offer, my feeble old hands seem to have torn the envelope into a pile of unreadable garbage.


I’m sure they will send me another one in a few months, they don’t give up so easily.

Go Fly A Kite

Would you believe that I have made it this far in life and I’ve never flown a kite ?  Yes, embarrassing but true.  I grew up in an urban area of Boston, so I guess there just wasn’t easy access to kite flying fields.   I do remember my older brother planning a trip to a park to fly a kite, but for some reason it never happened.  Maybe it rained, I don’t remember.

So flying a kite earlier this week was a new experience for both Mr. C and myself.   It seemed to be a windy enough day, the sun was shining, so off we went with a small kite that he received as a Christmas gift, as well as a long roll of string.

My only other experience in this has been reading about Charlie Brown’s hapless adventures in kite flying, so I did not expect much.  Conditions seemed to be perfect since it turned out that it’s surprisingly easy to fly a kite.  After it took a few headers directly into the ground, and a lot of running around, off it went.

And run, run, run, run, we did.  One of the many things I’m supposed to do is to make sure Mr. C gets some exercise during the day.  Both to try to make sure he stays active, and also to try to make sure he’s tired enough to fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

All the running required to get that kite flying ended up tiring me out more than him and I ended up going to bed before he did.   I am an old man.

Turns out that it’s just about impossible to get a 3 year old and a kite to appear in the same photo.  As hard as I tried, either the kite or Mr. C ran or flew  out of the frame.  So I am left only with this shot below.