Lego Advent Mystery Calendar

We finally were able to get a Lego Advent Calendar  this year, after years of having them sell out before we could find one. Among this year’s 24 little Lego sets was this mystery man. 

It looks like he’s getting a chocolate chip cookie ready on some kind of serving board.  Or maybe it’s a cake that he’s taking from the oven?  But why does he have a helmet with a face shield on?  And is that an oxygen tank on his back ?  Is this some kind of tradition that I’ m not familiar with?  Is he a fireman who also bakes? 

At least the Santa figure makes sense.

Scrap wood ornaments

What should I do with all these pieces of scrap wood I have from home improvement projects ? Maybe Mr. C will have an idea.


I know, Dada, make some ornaments for the tree!


After a few hundred cuts with my dremel saw, we have an elf’s Christmas hat.


The work bench usually doesn’t look this clean, I did some organizing before taking the photos. Usually there is a pile of random tools stacked up in a pile on the table!  I usually have to search through the pile to find any tools, now they’re in plastic bins.  I’m sure that they’ll all be back in a pile on the work bench soon though.


The elf hat joins a star, a tree, and by special request of Mr. C, a dog bone!

The star turned out to the the hardest one to make, I had to remind myself of my high school geometry lessons on how to accurately draw one.  Then I had to track down my compass and protractor to draw a sketch of the star.  I was surprised to find that I still had the same compass that I used in high school!


Mr. C did most of the painting, they’re not quite done yet, he still wants to add “2015” to the star, some tiny ornaments to the tree, and he wants to try to add a string of mistletoe to the hat.

Why a dog bone, I don’t know, but here it is on the tree!


Lights up

After untangling all the lights, and moving any bad bulbs to the back of the bushes, our twenty year old Christmas lights, which I long ago gave up on trying to find replacement bulbs for, are up.    

Advent calendar

We looked and looked and looked for a children’s advent calendar for Mr. C. They were sold out everywhere. I’m sure it didn’t help that we started to look for one on December 1!

Both the Lego and Playmobil calendars cost something like $70, so I guess we saved some money by not finding one. Ms. J however decided that we really should have one, so she made one herself.

She used the bottoms of small match boxes to create individual numbered “days”, and surrounded it with an outside layer of cardboard that was covered with some cloth and a ribbon.



Here’s Mr. C opening box #1



And here’s another sample of something we put in one of the boxes. It was hard to find things to fill it up since the boxes are so small. We found some small Schleich animal figures that fit in, other boxes were filled with M&Ms or other small candies.



I usually forget how excited he is about surprises. Not all of the boxes hold little Schleich animals, many just have a couple of small pieces of candy, raisins, or just a few pieces of loose change. Even if that day’s gift is just two M&Ms, he is still very happy to find out what is in each little box. ‘Yeahhhh! Two raisins!!!!” That’s the purpose of the calendar I suppose.