1 Day 1 World: 4:00 – 5:00 AM

Most nights, actually most early mornings, sometime between 4:00 am and 5:00 am, sometimes earlier, I am awakened by one of our two cats.  Usually the cat is sitting on my head and this is what I see:

20140825-205415.jpgSince Ms. J had the cats before she met me, I think I am still seen as the new guy stealing all the attention away from them, so even after close to ten years, I am convinced that they are actually trying to kill me.  So, they have devised a plan to suffocate me by pretending to sleep on  my face.  I wake up though, thwarting their plan.   Sometimes I wake up to a cat face within an inch or two of my own, sometimes though it is the other end of the cat which is not quite as pleasant.   (Obviously the photo is a re-enactment since I can’t really have a camera at the ready for when one of the cats jumps on my face.  At the time, I’m mostly concerned with trying to breathe.)

I must be a very light sleeper since just about any noise will wake me up, so I almost always will not be able to get back to sleep once the cat has tried to cut off my air supply.  However, I’m also not quite awake enough to try to read a book, and I don’t want to wake anyone else up by doing something that would make any kind of noise, so what do I end up doing usually ?  I reach for  my iPhone and watch mindless videos on Utube.  Typing “funny cats” usually comes up with something good, at least these cats aren’t trying to kill anyone.

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1 Day 1 World Project: 6:00pm – 7:00pm



Last week I wrote about how we were preparing for Mr. C’s birthday party, which was held this past Saturday.  Ms. J planned a number of activities and games for the kids including a scavenger hunt, a keep the balloon in the air contest, followed of course by a break the balloon contest, make your own pizzas, and then the make your own Lego space ship contest.  There were a number of other things planned which we had to put off for some other party since we ran out of time, but I’m sure all of the kids were pretty much exhausted by the end of the party.

The party was a big success, no one spilled tomato sauce on their clothes, or dropped ice cream on the carpet. The only incident to report is that a 4 year old girl briefly locked herself in our bathroom, but was expertly instructed on how to unlock the door by Ms. J in about ten seconds.  If I had to tell her how to get out, I probably would have just ended up taking the door off the hinges!

By about 7:00pm, Mr. C was running on fumes, yet still was determined to complete the Lego airplane he received as a gift.  It’s interesting to see how quickly he has come with building Legos.  I used to just build the whole thing, now I’m relegated to assistant, looking for the next part in the instructions.

It can be difficult making a Lego model sitting on the floor, with a very tired five year old heavily leaning on my back, and one cat insisting on sitting on my lap, while the other cat trying his best to sit on as many Lego pieces as possible.  Floor cat likes to sit on either the Lego pieces or the instructions and does not appreciate being lured away temporarily to sit on top of the newspaper.  He may think that I’m trying to read the newspaper, but soon he realizes that I’m not reading the paper at all, I’m trying to read the Lego building instructions.  So he gets up off the paper and sits back down on the instructions. Meanwhile, no amount of adjustment will cause lap cat to move from the lap.  I can contort like a gymnast, cover her with unused Lego pieces, short of standing fully upright though and lap cat will remain on the lap.

I did manage to distract one of the cats with the Lego box, knowing that he wants to sit on the newest item in the room, and also the tallest item on the floor.  Ms. J was able to get lap cat to sit on her lap instead, which is who lap cat actually prefers anyway.

But tired five year old can lean on my back while we build the airplane.  It’s his birthday.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

Sometimes one of our cats likes to sit on top of the newel post at the top of our stairway in the early morning.  So this is the first thing I see in the morning when he does this.


Mr. C has a habit of grabbing my iPhone in the morning and taking a few pictures with it.  Most end up being a blurry mess, but here’s one  he took early one morning this week that actually came out pretty good:


Here’s something that means ‘Good Morning!” for me,  Ms. J made an apple tart.  Yeah, apple tart for breakfast!