Guest Post

For those of you who just can’t get enough of my writing skills, I’ve finally gotten around to posting a link to a guest post I wrote for a Joachim Boaz’s book review blog ‘Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations’.

Joachim is a fellow enthusiast of vintage Sci-Fi illustration, though he also writes reviews on the books themselves as well. I’ve been reading his blog for a while now, and commenting mostly on his posts on design and illustration. He knows quite a bit more on the subject than I do!

He recently put the call out for guests to write reviews on the works of Michael Bishop, and I was surprised that he agreed to run mine considering that while I was familiar with the name, I had never read anything by him and I know next to nothing about Mr. Bishop! Mine was one of ten guest posts, it is on his novella from 1975 ‘Allegiances’.

So while this is a little bit of self promotion, I’m actually more interested in promoting Joachim’s blog than the guest post. He puts a lot of work into the blog and always has something interesting to say, wether you’re a fan of this type of fiction or not.

Here’s the link right here!


An Appreciation

One unexpected thing I’ve found with blogging is how much you can learn about places around the world that you may not have thought too much about.  Being an East Coast person, I have often been guilty of ignoring the vast majority of the country beyond the coast.    S0 when I came across  The (Urban-Wildlife) Interface blog,  based in Ferndale, Arkansas.

The focus of the blog is the animal and plant life of the area.   I have to admit that I was surprised by the variety of wildlife in the area, as well as the quality of the photography presented by the blogger.   I’ve been following the blog for about a year now, occasionally leaving a comment, most of which I’m sure are along the lines of “Wow, how did you get that photo?”

Last week this blogger passed on the WordPress Family award to me, (to me at the old blog),  which considering the quality of the comments I’ve left kind of surprised me.  Part of the award is to pass the nomination on to 11 other bloggers.  Since I’ve done a few of these awards recently, I’m sorry to say that I’m out of people to nominate.  Guess I should follow more blogs!

But what I will do is to say that I’ve learned a lot about the Southeast from reading this blog, especially about the scope and variety of plant and animal life there.  I’ve also been inspired to try my hand at photographing wildlife as well.  So if you have an interest in photography or even the slightest interest in Natural History, check out this blog!

As an example, here’s a hawk that my son and I saw recently.   Not at all up to the standard of Ferndale, Arkansas,  but I did my best with what I had at the time,  an Iphone.

We were on our way into our local library, when Mr. C heard the sound of the hawk whooshing into the trees above us.  As the local squirrels went completely insane, I carefully considered the options available to me on the Iphone, (basically none), and took the photo.  OK, this is one of about 20 photos I took, 19 were either of a big blur, or were of the tangle of vines and branches, leaving me with one OK shot.  Oh, well, I’ll keep trying.

At least Mr. C had a good story to tell at pre-school the next day.  And a photo emailed to his teacher too to help tell the story.