1 Day 1 World Project: 6:00pm – 7:00pm



Last week I wrote about how we were preparing for Mr. C’s birthday party, which was held this past Saturday.  Ms. J planned a number of activities and games for the kids including a scavenger hunt, a keep the balloon in the air contest, followed of course by a break the balloon contest, make your own pizzas, and then the make your own Lego space ship contest.  There were a number of other things planned which we had to put off for some other party since we ran out of time, but I’m sure all of the kids were pretty much exhausted by the end of the party.

The party was a big success, no one spilled tomato sauce on their clothes, or dropped ice cream on the carpet. The only incident to report is that a 4 year old girl briefly locked herself in our bathroom, but was expertly instructed on how to unlock the door by Ms. J in about ten seconds.  If I had to tell her how to get out, I probably would have just ended up taking the door off the hinges!

By about 7:00pm, Mr. C was running on fumes, yet still was determined to complete the Lego airplane he received as a gift.  It’s interesting to see how quickly he has come with building Legos.  I used to just build the whole thing, now I’m relegated to assistant, looking for the next part in the instructions.

It can be difficult making a Lego model sitting on the floor, with a very tired five year old heavily leaning on my back, and one cat insisting on sitting on my lap, while the other cat trying his best to sit on as many Lego pieces as possible.  Floor cat likes to sit on either the Lego pieces or the instructions and does not appreciate being lured away temporarily to sit on top of the newspaper.  He may think that I’m trying to read the newspaper, but soon he realizes that I’m not reading the paper at all, I’m trying to read the Lego building instructions.  So he gets up off the paper and sits back down on the instructions. Meanwhile, no amount of adjustment will cause lap cat to move from the lap.  I can contort like a gymnast, cover her with unused Lego pieces, short of standing fully upright though and lap cat will remain on the lap.

I did manage to distract one of the cats with the Lego box, knowing that he wants to sit on the newest item in the room, and also the tallest item on the floor.  Ms. J was able to get lap cat to sit on her lap instead, which is who lap cat actually prefers anyway.

But tired five year old can lean on my back while we build the airplane.  It’s his birthday.



Mystery Train

How can an entire train engine go missing ?

For Mr. C’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, we bought him a Brio remote control train engine.  He already has a big box of wooden tracks and a variety of other engines, ramps, bridges, and tunnels.  So we thought this would be a good addition.  He can use a hand held remote to make the engine move forward and backward, and turn on its lights and have it make a whistle sound.

He played with it for about two days before the engine disappeared.   We still had the remote, but could not find the engine.  We looked everywhere.  Under beds, under chairs, in the basement, under radiators, in the closets.  This is a house that is filled with stuff.  It’s not as though it’s too messy, it’s just packed as full as it can be.  Ms. J and I got together when we were well into adulthood, so when we combined all of our stuff we ended up with two of everything.  Not just two of every kitchen item, like having two blenders and two coffee pots,  but also two of each piece of furniture.  We’ve been slowly paring down all this excess stuff, but it’s still a pretty packed house here.  So to look for anything that is lost can turn into a major project involving emptying out closets that are filled with boxes and looking under beds around more boxes.   We looked and looked, but  it was gone.    We still had the remote, but not the engine.

Then the engine appeared.  It was just sitting on the carpet in the living room one morning as if it had just been used. How did it get there ?   Did the cat take a joy ride in the middle of the night ?

Problem was that  now the remote had disappeared.  We looked everywhere again.  Under beds, under chairs, in the basement, under the radiators, in closets.  Now we had the engine, but no remote control.

I then lost track of the engine and it too went missing again.

A few days later the remote appeared under a bookcase.  Where did that come from ?

Since his birthday two weeks ago, he’s been able to play with the train for about 45 minutes.   Now it’s been about a week since we saw the engine last.  I’m trying to keep the remote in a safe place, and I’m watching the cat.

I’m sure it will turn up again,  most likely 10 years from now when Mr. C is a teenager



Birthdays; 4 and 75

Calling Grandpa, the focus on food seems to be a family trait:

Mr. C: Happy birthday, grandpa!

Grandpa: Happy birthday to you too! What did you do on your birthday?

C: We took a train ride, then we went camping !

G: What was the train ride like ?

C: They had lunch on the train, it was NOT good !

G: Thats too bad, did you like the train ride ?

C: it was an old train that went very slow. Lunch was bad meat on a bad bun !

G: Did you go for a hike too ?

C: We hiked to a waterfall ! Then we went out for breakfast. Mama said the pancakes were rancid !

G: What ?

C: Rancid ! Yucky! What did you do for your birthday ?

G: Your grandmother and I went out for a nice dinner. You’ll have to send me a picture of that waterfall.

C: Ok!!