Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

For me, the sea is primarily a source of seemingly endless play for our four year old. Here’s Mr. C digging for something on Stinson Beach in California.


Though I do like to get a few shots in of changing weather. Here’s some fog coming in on, also on Stinson Beach in California.


And a storm over Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts:


Something that impressed me about the beaches in California is the diversity of plant life. On the East Coast, there’s usually just a few grasses, and maybe some thistle and beach plums. On some beaches on the West Coast, there’s too many plants for me to identify.


And as someone who loves food, the sea is a source for dinner!


Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways

Which one is better ?   The little chair on the beach…….





Or the same chair with our 4 year old wrapped in a towel sitting in it ?   This little chair is very obviously broken, but he refuses to consider getting rid of it!




Which is better…   The view of the river as we rested after a hike on  very hot and humid day ?





Or the one where I turned the camera down just a bit to get the shot of our feet cooling off in the same  river ?


Vacation Questions

Why is it that after a month of 100 degree days, with 500 percent humidity, do we end up with rain while we are on vacation ?


Why does someone usually end up with some kind of injury when we go on vacation ?

Here’s Ms. J’s finger with a nasty splinter embedded deep under the nail.



Why does Mr. C end up with a nasty cold, with a fever, and stomach ache, keeping us in the house most of the time ?

No photo for this one. He really does not want any photo taken when he’s sick!

Oh well. At least the food is good. Which is the last question, why is vacation food always better ?

Might be hard to see in the over exposure, but This is me, grilling some fresh fish.