WPC: Perspective

This week’s photo challenge is ‘Perspective’.

Here are some photos I took in Northern Arizona a few years ago that should fit.

Here’s a typical scene for the area, with a focus on the horizon.


Same spot, but with a focus on the sky.


The next set are from a hike we went on a few miles away.  While it looks lush, it was a very hot day.  The first shot takes in th entire scene, with the focus on the canyon and river.  I suppose my idea was to lead the viewer from the river, to the boulder, down the river into the canyon.


In the next one, I placed the camera a little bit closer to the ground to get a better view of the boulder.


The last one we look a little lower and see how I got to this spot and maybe realize how hot a day it was.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is ‘Horizon’, since I take a lot of landscape shots, this one was easy for me.

Sometimes I like to take a photo that emphasizes the sky a bit more than usual, especially if its a stormy day.  This one was taken south of Santa Fe.  


Another shot from the same area near Santa Fe, just a few yards from the photo above.  

The first three photos here were taken in a large wildlife refuge south of Santa Fe.  The refuge is  mostly wetlands, where more than 300 species of birds roost, or fly through on their migration paths.  The area is especially popular with sandhill cranes and snow geese.  While I did see plenty of birds, I unfortunately didn’t get close enough to get good photos with the camera I had at the time.  At least I did get some good landscapes though!




This one was taken in northern Arizona.   Usually photos I take facing into the sun like this do not come out very well at all, but I do think this one did come out fairly well.

petrified 48

One more,  this is taken from the ferry going back from Martha’s Vineyard to Massachusetts.  The sunset is breaking through an area of thunder clouds.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

I usually come up with some photo related to our son, since “Stay At Home Dad” tends to be the subject of the blog, but I couldn’t find anything that fit well this time. So, here are photos from three very different places for this week’s photo challenge.

We love going to the Southwest states of the US; especially New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.   Here’s a shot of a large chunk of petrified wood from the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.  The circular age rings of the petrified log look almost like colored glass in person.

petrified 16

It’s been a few years since we’ve been able to go there, but we also love Italy!

Renaissance architecture is filled with patterns, wether it is in the exterior columns or the interior mosaics.  Here’s one of my favorite views of Florence, from the second floor of the Uffizi museum.  Note how the pediments over the windows alternate from triangular to half circles.  In the middle distance is the Pallazzo Vecchio, with its pattern of regular crenellations and support arches on the tower.  And in the distance is the Duomo, with it’s famous dome showing its ingenious exterior ribs.

Maybe we’ll be able to go back in a few years once Mr. C is a little older!


How else to follow up the beauty of Florence but with the beauty of my own humble house!    When I first looked at buying the house I dreaded the prospect of refinishing the kitchen floor.  Some previous owner had the bright idea that it would be nice to paint the floor a very dark green.  It took me a couple of years before I finally got around to getting the floors fixed, and it took a lot of work too,  I was surprised to find beautiful maple wood under all that horrible green paint.   It’s not a Florentine palazzo, but I like it anyway.