The whirlwind

Where does the time go? Looks like it’s been six months since I’ve posted anything!

I’ve been busy training our new dog mostly. She’s an Australian Shepherd, a very active breed. Here’s a typical photo from when we first got her: just a blur of puppy energy. That’s a rope she’s chewing on.

We found out quickly that she’s bred to herd. She refuses to leave the house unless she’s in back of us, nudging at our side with her head. Here I am trying to teach her it’s OK to go out to the backyard.

Ok, come on out! Here, watch me!

Where are you going boss, you’re not supposed to get too far ahead of me!

She’s a chewer too. The dog really did eat the homework.

Ate the pencil too.

And part of the wall.

Soft toys don’t last long. I gave her this one just this morning, it’s already in the trash.

The 2:00 am wake up calls were exhausting during the house training stage. But she’s getting better, already growing out of the puppy stage.

Her name is Juno, or maybe it’s spelled Juneau, or Jeuneo.

More infrequent blog posting to come!

7 thoughts on “The whirlwind

    • it’s always interesting seeing how a dog’s personality develops. She’s does stop doing whatever it is that we tell her “No” – for example she only chewed the woodwork that once. I had a dog years ago that would forget immediately and start in on the bad behavior a few minutes later.

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