Daddy’s Crazy Music

I still have some old vinyl records, and among the vintage new wave hits of the 80’s in my collection, there are a number of works that I suppose could be called ‘experimental’. Mr. C just calls them ‘Daddy’s Crazy Music’.  Examples include works by This Heat, Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Dead C, Bailter Space, Godspeed You Black Emperor, and Gilbert & Lewis.  Some of this is ambient and some might just be called noise. As a Classical music fan, Ms. J does not prefer to hear any of this either. 

Here’s an example from Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis.  ‘Barge Calm’ from their 1980 LP, ‘3R4’.  

If you do go ahead and listen to it, you can stop after a minute or so, it just continues like this….for another 17 minutes. 

Here’s the LP.  (I can’t believe it’s been 37 years since I bought this!)

Since I work from home, and I know this sort of music is not for everyone, if I do want to listen to any of it I will dig out one of these old LP’s during the day. When C is at school and J at work. 

This has worked fine until we got our dog Scout.  Something like ‘Barge Calm’ will make him howl. Hoooowwwwwwllllll ….owwwwwww!  Owwww….Howwwwwwlllll!  This continues until I take the music off. 

Not an avant-garde music fan. 

Looks like I will have to resort to listening to this in the car.  Yes, I do own two copies of this, the other one being a compact disc. 

8 thoughts on “Daddy’s Crazy Music

    • I think I have to thank a record store employee thrusting a copy of Wire’s 154 into my hands way back in ’79 for starting my interest in this type of music. They’re still putting out music every few years too. Have you ever seen them perform? When they came to Boston a few years ago they seemed to be genuinely surprised by how happy the crowd of graying music nerds were to see them.

      • I saw them at least twice in the 80’s, honestly they were just OK then. However, I would count their show from 2004 as one of the best I’ve seen. My concert going days are in the past though, I doubt I could stay up very late anymore!

        Here’s a show from 2004. Towards the end is part of a show in London when they had an unusual stage set.

    • Hopefully your collection will be appreciated! So far our son does like the fast paced songs of XTC and The Woodentops, but that’s about it. I suppose I should be happy with that since I remember being about seven years old when my hippie cousin had me listen to things like Blind Faith, Eric Clapton, and Arlo Guthrie – all of which I did not like at all at the time.

      CDs are getting a bad reputation, as much as I like vinyl, they do wear out and scratch over time. I’m not sure I’ll ever go along with downloading things instead of having CDs or vinyl.

    • It makes me wonder if CDs will have a similar resurgence years from now. While the sound quality might not be as good as a record, they’re easier to take care of.

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