Mr. C’s Cooking School

We’re lucky in that Mr. C is not picky about food at all, he eats everything, and he likes to cook too.  So something we’ve been trying to do is to come up with a new recipe a week to try, with Mr. C helping out with the cooking if possible.

The first recipe I thought we’d try is for fruit roll-ups.  Not very adventurous, just two ingredients, but I’ve never made it before so I wasn’t at all sure what would happen. All you have to do is put three cups of berries in a blender with two tablespoons of honey, blend it up until smooth. Then spread it out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake in the oven for two to three hours at 300 degree F.  When you take it out of the oven you’re supposed to have a delicious treat that can be cut into thin chewy strips.

We only had two cups of berries, so we had to cut back on the recipe a bit. Into the blender they go. C is always happy to help if a blender is involved in the recipe, but will often forget to make sure the top is completely on. So after cleaning up the berries that went flying out the top of the blender, they were spread onto the cookie sheet.

One hour after being in the oven it’s still a watery goo spread thinly on the cookie sheet.

Two hours later, the blueberry goo is somewhat less watery, and now the kitchen smells really, really bad. Like a burnt blueberry muffin.

Three hours later, the blueberry goo is a bit less watery, and now the kitchen smells even worse, and it’s starting to get smoky.

Four hours later, the blueberry goo is even thinner, but it’s not at all sticking together at all.  And now the kitchen smells awful, and it is now filled with a blue haze.  I open the back door to air it out and scrape the rubbery sludge from the pan.

Here is the result:


Mr.C’s verdict:  “Tastes like a tire”

My verdict: ” I’m glad I only wasted two cups of berries on this.”

Mr. C’s involvement: 50%

My involvement: 50%

Did C have fun making it:  Any recipe involving a blender is fun.

Will we make it again:  Maybe in the Winter, when it’s not 90 degrees out, which only added to the heat in the kitchen.  I should probably add more honey or sugar to make it stickier.

Source:  “Cooking Class” by Deanna Cook, which is a fun cooking book for kids.  It’s not the fault of the book though,  I don’t think there’s a problem with the recipe, it was probably just something we did.  Into the trash can with you, vile blue tire goo.





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