Point Reyes Lighthouse

Head north of San Francisco…

over the bridge, and then through the tunnel…

 and then on to Point Reyes National Seashore…

Then start hiking along the coast at the national park.  That’s a World War II era pill box , with the Golden Gate Bridge off to the left..

Follow the trail along the cliff to Point Reyes, around the side of the first rock spire…

..and then through the middle of the second rock spire, through this tunnel

..it’s a rough walled tunnel, with a dirt path, and a low ceiling!

Follow the cliff trail a bit further…

and you get to the wood and steel suspension foot bridge..

which spans about 300 feet of Pacific ocean, to a third rock spire..

to  Point Reyes Lighthouse. The windiest and foggiest area on the Pacific coast.  Fog can blanket the area for weeks at a time, and the wind can gust between 75 – 100 miles per hour.  Luckily it was bright and sunny when we were there, though it was windy. 

A Park Service guide stands at one end of the bridge to make sure that there isn’t too many people crossing the bridge at the same time. It’s much windier on the bridge than on the cliff and the bridge sways quite a bit.

Here’s what the view is like…

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