Those are some giant CDs, Dada!

When I was about seven years old, my Hippie Cousin, much older than me, would play me his weird hippie music from the late 60’s.  Hippie Cousin would play me his Beatles records most often, since I probably liked them the most at the time. They’re a good choice for kids, on most of their songs they sing clearly and their songs are easy to understand and remember.  He would also try to get me to listen to the more experimental sounds of Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Caravan, and King Crimson.  All of those other bands just confused me when I was seven, just too weird for me at the time.

I have had an old record player in the basement for more than fifteen years, it’s probably not a good idea to store it down there since it can get damp and mildewy, and I thought it would be fun to show Mr. C some of my old records so I set it up recently.   I pulled out my boxes of records from a closet and played him some of the new wave hits of the 80’s that I still have on vinyl.  ‘Wow, those are huge CDs!” he said, when he saw 33-1/3 LP records for the first time.

It seems as though Mr. C is interested in making a transition from the music of Raffi and other children’s music artists, so I’ve been looking for things that he can listen to from my collection and I’m having the same problem that Hippie Cousin had.  Even though most of his records befuddled seven year old me, at least Hippie Cousin had Beatles records though. I don’t have anything by The Beatles, and I quickly realized that  I don’t really have much music that interests a seven year old.

My old records tend to be recordings by either angry political ranters, like The Clash or The Jam, “What’s he talking about, Dada?!”


Or songs that are too menacing or existential, like Magazine….

“This guy is just weird, Dada”


Maybe something more recent?    Will Oldham, maybe?   His songs are easy to understand, I thought.  No, this is not a good choice for Mr. C.  This could be the saddest song ever written.


How about something older?     Van Morrison comes close, Mr. C does like his “Caravan”, and “Woodstock”, but he mumbles a lot, so C just says ‘blah,blah,blah’ when he tries to sing along during the typical Morrison mumbling scat singing parts.  He does like the   “La, la, la, la,…La,la, LAAAAAH!” section of “Caravan”.

In between Will Oldham and Van Morrison I have Califone.  Much as I love this band, it won’t work for Mr. C, this guy mumbles even more than Van Morrison does.


Ah ha, here’s something, I thought.  In my desperation to find something of interest, I pulled out an old record that I had not played in many years.  However, I forgot that it is the number 1 ear worm song of all time.

Of course, now it is Mr. C’s favorite song and we listen to it ten times a day.  All hours of the day and night this song goes through my head now.   Make it stop, make it stop!!!     I shouldn’t complain, I did buy it when it came out.

Maybe I should buy a Beatles record.










2 thoughts on “Those are some giant CDs, Dada!

  1. Luckily my offspring (a bit older than yours) are all huge vinyl fans, and regularly plunder our collection when they come to visit. I still think it sounds better, too. But I certainly can’t imagine anyone as young as Mr. C coping with Magazine!

    • I had not listened to the Magazine albums in years, they still hold up well. I checked the value of some of these records on, and a lot of them are worth quite a bit now, but I don’t think I could sell them. Maybe he would want to hear them on vinyl when he’s older.

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