Mr. C’s Favorite YouTube Channel

When I was a kid, I would watch Sesame Street, hoping to see a specific short film they would run fairly often.  This was way back in the early 1970’s, before VCR’s, and way before youTube.  So if you wanted to see a specific show on television, you had just the one chance to see it, when it was scheduled to air, and that was it.    In between the short animated films, and skits featuring the muppets, Sesame Street would sometimes include videos featuring people doing their jobs, such as farmers, bakers, doctors, policemen.  One of my favorites was one featuring a man who operated a car crusher at a garbage dump.  I’d watch the show hoping they would include that video, and would be disappointed if it was not included in that day’s show.    I will admit that I was actually more interested in seeing the cars being crushed than in the day to day activities of what the adult working world was like.   At seven years old, I really had no interest in the educational content of the short films, I just wanted to see old junk cars get crushed up.

I remember that I searched for that video a few years ago on YouTube, i did find it and shoed it to Mr. C.  I  can’t seem to find that specific film on YouTube now though, the closest I can get is this one, “Where The Garbage Goes”, which I do remember seeing as well. Not exactly the same as the car crusher, but it was at least in my top ten back when I was seven, and you can get the idea of what the typical film like this was like.


Now, through the magic of YouTube, Mr. C doesn’t have to wait to see his favorite short film to show up on a television show.  He can ask to see it, and there it is on the computer.

It’s ‘The Hydraulic Press Channel’, where a hydraulic press operator crushes various items in an industrial press. There’s no added educational content, no discussion of the physics or material science involved,  he just crushes things up in his press.

I think he’s from Finland, so his English is heavily accented and can be hard to understand at first.  This can often actually be helpful since he will sometimes let loose with a four letter word if an item is being especially stubborn in the press, his accent is so hard to understand on those curse words that Mr. C has not noticed that he is saying them.  Mr C. will often make suggestions of things he should crush; baseballs, watermelons, bananas, metal ball bearings. I will then do a search and just about all the time Mr. Hydraulic Press has already posted a video of the suggestion item.

I don’t know how we found this channel on YouTube, I think it was in a list of suggested videos. Maybe YouTube searched my history and came up with a similar video to that old car crusher video and thought that Mr. C would like it.




3 thoughts on “Mr. C’s Favorite YouTube Channel

    • he crushes Legos in one, very funny.

      i like the ‘added content’ at the end where he crushes a clay model of a bug or other animal. ” This frog could attack at any minute vee must deal vith it”

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