Father’s Day

I visited my Dad recently, and on my way out, he handed me box of things that he thought he would no longer use.  On top was this paint brush.

Looks brand new doesn’t it ?

He had this brush for more than 50 years, and I remember him using it often in his seemingly non-stop renovation of our house when I was growing up.  How he was able to clean that brush so that it would remain spotless all these years I have never been able to figure out.   He’s tried to show me several times,  it really isn’t anything unusual, just a lot of scrubbing and cleaning, but I’ve never been able to keep a brush this clean.

I would help out with home renovation projects when I was a kid, but I would never clean the tools. That was something he had to do by himself since I was an expert at ruining paint brushes, leaving paint on them until they dried out and were stiff and unusable.

I’m only marginally better at cleaning brushes now.  Here’s what one of my paint brushes looks like.  Covered with paint spots.   This brush is about fifteen years old, it’s not spotless, but at least it’s still usable, I guess

Since I was so awful at taking care of his tools and brushes, I was a little surprised that he gave me that brush.  Though at 78, he’s had to cut back on the type of work he can do around the house.   But it also made me a bit sad as well, since I know he’ll never use that brush again.

Some day, I’ll probably give that brush to Mr. C, though it’ll be a lot dirtier than it is now.





5 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. I think I speak for the entire internet when I say that you should put your Dad’s paintbrush in a glass display box and on _no account_ turn it into a version of the skanky one in the second photo 🙂

    • I say that I’ll use it, but it’s a specialized type of brush that I may not end up having a project for. Plus it’s like a work of art, it’s a hand made brush from Italy that he has had for about 50 years but I think it is much older than that.

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