Flu Film Festival

Mr. C  and I were both home all of last week with an awful cold. I’m not sure what it was, it might have been the flu, but it didn’t seem as bad as the flu can sometimes be.  For Mr. C though we did take him to see his doctor and some of his symptoms were due to a mild form of pneumonia.  We’re both recovered now though.

It can be very tiring taking care of a sick child, especially when you’re sick yourself. So, at least once a day, we took a break by watching some old movies.  Most of them are from a sale that our local library had where old VHS tapes were 6 for $1.  We’re probably one of the few families in town who still have a working VCR, since the library staff seemed happy to get rid of some of these titles.

Believe it or not, I never saw a single Disney film when I was a kid. My parents have never been very interested in seeing films, and I was a kid so long ago that VHS tapes were not even invented yet.   If you did want to see an animated film, you usually had to wait for them to be re-released into the theater.  So this is the first time either one of us has seen these films.  Below are brief, cold and flu influenced, reviews of each of the titles we saw.

Snow White

Mr C – ‘That was awesome, let’s watch that again!’

Me – ‘Probably one of the best of the Disney films I’ve seen, very funny, and fast paced.’

The Sword in the Stone

Mr C – ‘Pretty good, I liked the knights.’

Me – ‘Not bad, I barely remember it a week later though.’

The Return of Jafar

Mr. C – ‘I liked the bad guy, but it was a little scary.’

Me – ‘Absolutely awful, shoddy animation, forgettable songs, silly story. Clearly a cash-in straight to video sequel, one of the worst of the Disney films.’

The Rescuers Down Under

Mr. C – ‘I liked the first one better, but not bad.’

Me – I fell asleep during this movie, so I don’t know.  I do remember that the two main characters are voiced by Zsa Zsa Gabor and Bob Newhart, which seemed like an odd couple

Sleeping Beauty

Mr. C – ‘Is this the same bad Queen as in Snow White, they look the same ?’

Me – ‘I don’t know if they’re the same or not, since I fell asleep during this one too.’

Alice in Wonderland

Mr. C – ‘That was weird, I don’t want to see that again.’

Me – ‘That was really, really weird. I have a headache now.’

The Lion King II – Simba’s Pride

Mr. C – ‘Loved it, let’s watch that again!’

Me – I fell asleep again.

There is one Disney film that I do know just a tiny bit about though.

‘Let’s watch this one next, how do you say this is, is  it called ‘Bambi’?

‘Bad things happen in that one Mr. C, let’s wait until you’re a bit older.’





6 thoughts on “Flu Film Festival

  1. Glad to hear you are both better, nothing worse than being unwell but sounds like you two made the most of the time it gave you to spend together ☺

  2. Hope you’re both on the mend now. And I don’t think you’re *ever* old enough to watch Bambi…..

    • About twenty years or so ago, I was in the lobby of a theater waiting for an children’s afternoon matinee to let out before the first film of the night program started. When the theater emptied out, most of the kids were crying, the film was Bambi.

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