Portsmouth Beach

Here’s how far behind I am in putting up posts!

Last Fall, we took a trip to the New Hampshire coast, near Portsmouth, where the beaches are very rocky.  So rocky in fact, that people have taken to creating rock cairns out of the rocks.

Some are just a few rocks tall, maybe they were taller at one point but had the rocks at the top knocked off by the waves.  There are a few that are about two feet tall, like this one.

There’s a lighthouse on the opposite shore of this tower.

There are a few wrecked lobster traps on the rocks, parts of which are sometimes used to

create ladders on the towers.

Mr. C liked trying to jump around the larger rocks and pools without getting wet.  He was able to do it, but my shoes ended up in some of these shallow pools a few times though.

This photo was taken by mistake, but it can give an idea of what the coast of New Hampshire is like.  This is why New Hampshire is not known as a beach destination.

Here’s the tower that Mr. C made, the one on the right below.  Looks like Ms. J’s fingers are in the shot, at the left!

He was also inspired to make a tower in the backyard once we got home too!




4 thoughts on “Portsmouth Beach

    • Rye is a nice one, there’s also a nice sandy beach near Portsmouth, I think it’s in Wells Maine. Rocky or sandy is fine we’ll find something to do either way.

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