Groundhog day

Today was ‘Groundhog Day’ here in the US.  This is the day when the famous groundhog, Paxatawney Phil, lifts his head out of his hole, and if he sees his shadow then we are destined to have six more weeks of winter.  If there is no shadow, then we are destined to have an early spring.

I always thought it was just a cute way for the town of Puxatawney, Pennsylvania to get some tourist attention in the middle of winter with no basis in fact.  This year Phil could be right though.

Here is what our front yard looked like this time last February, with about 10 feet of snow piled up around the driveway and front door.  The Southern New Hampshire  and Boston area received a record amount of snow last year with a total of 32 thousand feet of snow. Ok, there was really just about 12 feet of snow, but it felt like 32 thousand.

So after last year, we’re ready for a mild winter, and thankfully that’ what we have.

Here’s the same scene as above now. This was taken earlier today, it was about 55 degrees out, sunny, and there is no snow.  Bring on the early spring, Puxatawney Phil!

9 thoughts on “Groundhog day

  1. My husband and I have been grateful that we haven’t gotten as much snow nor has it been as cold as last winter. It’s 57 degrees here today! Can’t complain at all.

    • There was a story on a local radio program today about wether this warm weather is a sign of global warming – ‘thanks for making me feel guilty now’ I thought!

  2. We don’t get a lot of snow in my city in New Zealand, on the odd occasion that it sticks we will be lucky to have an inch, although that is enough to shut the city down! But that first photo, wow!!!!!

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