Formal day at school

Twice a month or so, Mr. C’s school has a special dress up day. Everything from simply wearing the school colors, to dressing up as your favorite character from a book, ugly sweater day, mismatched socks day, funny hat day, dress like your favorite job, and dress like your parents day . Of course there is the biggest dress up day of all, Halloween, when all the kids paraded around the outside of the school wearing their costumes, while the parents watched and took pictures.

It’s been a  nice way to get the kids excited about something at school, and from what I’ve seen there is a high level of participation from the first grade class, up through fifth grade.  Participation seems to vary by event. ‘School Spirit’ day seems to be popular, with most of the kids dressing in the school  colors. ‘Dress like a Superhero’ day seemed to be only popular among the younger boys though.   Mr. C must be one of the few first graders who has no interest in superhero characters so he did not participate in that event.  “That’s not real, you know, Dada.”

Most recently, the school organized ‘Formal Dress-Up Day’, where the kids were asked to wear their best outfit to school.   I remember when I was a kid, I hated getting ‘dressed up’.  You would need an act of Congress to get me to wear anything but the usual stained shirts.  Mr. C though jumped at the chance to wear his best clothes.  He counted down the days.  He asked me almost daily if his shirt was clean, if his pants were through the laundry yet, if his jacket would still fit him.  He tried on his dark blue jacket a few days before the big day to make sure it still fit.  The big day arrived and he woke up early and rushed to get into his  light blue Oxford shirt, dark khaki pants, and dark blue jacket.   ‘Look at me, I look like the weatherman!’, he said.  He was very excited.

Why is there a photo of a bottle of glue, you might ask ?   The big day was scheduled for the same day as gym class. However, the principal thought it might be a good idea to reschedule gym for another day since a lot of the kids would be in their best clothes. These are all lower grade kids, not yet changing into gym attire before playing any sports.  So what was scheduled in place of gym class ?   Art Class.

That’s right, Art Class.  What project did the Art teacher have the first grader work on while wearing their best clothes ?   Making collages with paper and glue.  Lots and lots, and lots of glue! So instead of Mr. C coming home with his favorite formal jacket being wrinkled, or maybe a little sweaty, from gym class,  he came home covered in spots of glue and bits of paper.

Mr. C was very disappointed with what happened to his jacket.  I wonder if the school will accept the invoice for the dry cleaning ?


2 thoughts on “Formal day at school

  1. I couldn’t bring myself to hit ‘like’ here. Here’s hoping everything came out in the cleaning. When my daughter was in grade school they would have spirit week and each day was a different theme. Everyone had a blast. Hope you captured a photo of Mr. C. in his best clothes. 🙂

    • oh it’s fine. There’s still some glue spots on it, but he’s just about grown out of the jacket anyway. Photos of him in those clothes make him look like a teenager, time flies!

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