Too Many Legos?

Mr. C loves Lego, and after six years of receiving Lego sets, Mr. C has a lot of them now.  

What we do is put together the set as soon as we get it.  Here’s a Lego fire truck. It has a ladder that can extend and rotate 360 degrees, and a hose on a reel.    

However, after a few months of hard playing, the set is taken apart and its pieces are scattered into the vast Lego bin of unattached pieces.


So we get out the huge pile of instructions and search for the pieces, and put it together again.  Usually, we can’t find all the correct pieces, so we have to make some substitutions. 

After a few hours of searching, it’s back together again.  Yeah!  The fire engine is back!  That set cost quite a bit, it’s good to get it back together.  
But then, a few months later, it’s all taken apart again and back into the vast bin of unattached pieces.  


After six years of searching for missing Lego pieces,  I’ve given up on trying to keep the sets together and accepted the idea that Mr. C is going to make his own creations. 

Here’s a “Traffic Control” vehicle he made.  It uses parts from the fire engine, as well as parts from about a dozen other sets, including the legs of a dragon. 


 It also has a magnetic rope that grabs the cars that cause traffic jams. 

This might be better than a fire engine anyway.  And ‘No’ you can never have too many Legos. 



11 thoughts on “Too Many Legos?

  1. Oh, this brings back memories of my Eldest Child and his many many lego kits and his obsession with it. They never could stay together and by the time he grew out of them we had boxes of bits and no idea how any of it went together…..!

    • I had thought he would get upset when pieces got lost, because I did when I was his age, but he doesn’t.
      There’s apparently people who will buy large collections and put them together if there are instructions. But we’ll probably just keep them.

  2. Can’t have too many LEGO!
    Recently, I got all nostalgic about some of the castle sets I used to have, and went digging around online for the instructions…and FOUND them. All of the sets had been dismantled by my mother when I went to college, and the original instructions lost in a flood. My oldest and I spent DAYS looking for all of the pieces necessary to resurrect the largest set I had growing up, and it was worth every minute.
    He’s started collecting sets of his own, but like me, he sets them aside on his shelf, dismantling them is out of the question for him!
    I love the traffic control vehicle, is he available to be commissioned to make a life-sized one of those for me for work?

    • You’re lucky your Mim kept them, my old Legos are long gone. You might be able to find the instructions on the Lego website.
      He’s working on an anti-gravity traffic controller now – it flings cars into space.

      • I found most of the instructions, complete with parts lists…sifting through the billions of pieces we have to reconstruct one takes forever, but is most of the fun.
        Its great to know that as things change, some other things will be forever a constant.

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