More Winter Hiking

After a day of rest, the weather was still warm for January, so once again we ventured out for another Winter hike at nearby Beaver Brook Reservation.

There are many trails that we have never checked out, so we tried one called ‘Otter Pond Overlook’ this time.  It seemed to be about the same length as the previous trail, about three miles. Like our New Year’s Day hike, Mr. C once again packed his backpack with his microscope, binoculars, 50 foot length of nylon rope, water bottle, and favorite toy car.  He suggested that I might want to take a spare pair of pants since I ripped mine on our hike two days ago, I decided against it.

We were surprised to first hear, and then see a small waterfall on this trail.  I think if the weather had not been so warm, and there had been no melting of the recent snow fall,  we would not have seen this waterfall at all at this time of year.

My favorite photo from the day is this one, below.  There’s more evidence of beavers taking trees here.  I came close to falling into the stream here, but luckily stepped back as the slushy ice gave way as I leaned into it.   We made sure to start much earlier than our previous hike, we arrived at least an hour earlier than we did the last time, so we shouldn’t get stuck here once it gets dark.

We were glad we decided to wear our Winter boots since the trail was a bit more slushy than it had been two days previous.  Did I step over this muddy puddle in the foreground ?  No, I didn’t even notice it and stepped right into getting my boots covered in slushy mud.  Mr. C was ahead of me and had stepped around it.  As usual, I am the one to get soaked while Mr. C bounds around all the obstacles like a mountain goat.

It has since cooled off quite a bit and temperatures are now in the mid 20’s instead of mid 40’s, so everything has since iced over.

Evidence of woodpeckers.


Another small waterfall.

Once again, it’s already getting dark at about 4:00pm.

A large puddle starting to ice over as the temperatures start to drop.

A close up of the leaves trapped in the ice.


Here’s the view from the top of the hill on the trail, this is the ‘Otter Pond Overlook’.  Mr. C actually took this photo himself, in between checking out the view with his binoculars.

More woodpeckers.

And now it’s getting dark, but at least we’re back at the start of the trail this time instead of being nowhere near the end.   This was taken with a very long exposure, it was actually quite a bit darker than this at the time.

The energy of a six year old can not be completely exhausted inside the house during the Winter months, so it’s always good to get outside when we can.  However, this is probably it for hiking until the Spring as it is now much colder than it was when we went on this hike just a few days ago.



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