Last of the Apples

We’ve been having a fairly mild  Fall so far, so just before Thanksgiving, we thought we’d take one last trip to the apple orchard to pick as many of the last apples of the season that we could find, especially since apples are Mr. C’s favorite food. 

  There were still plenty of apples, but in just a few more days it would be too cold to pick any more.  In the photo below, you can see where they grafted a different variety of apple, the lighter red ones at the bottom left, on the main trunk of a Macintosh tree.  I think the secondary variety is Jonagold.  The silvery leaves of the tree are pretty, but that also means that the leaves have started to wilt from the frosty nights.  Once we get a hard frost it will be too late to pick any apples.

It started out bright and sunny….


….but by 3:30pm it was already starting to get dark.  That’s Fall in New England.  



Ms. J says to Mr. C – ‘Aren’t there so many wonderful things in the world?

‘Yes Mommy, and you are the #1 wonderful thing!’


‘Yes, and apples are number two!

‘Apples are number two?’

Ok, wait a minute, Daddy is number two, and apples are number three!’


That’s it for apples this year, Winter is coming!  


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