Ikea Built-in Bookcase Part 3

Here’s how I finished the built-in bookcase.

First I added a wood panel on the side to box it in, then I added a baseboard.  The scrap block of wood and pieces of tape are there to hold the baseboard while some epoxy dries.

Here’s the finished baseboard.

Then I had to cover the opening at the top. Like the floor, the ceiling is also not level.  There was a 1/2 inch difference in the left to right height of this opening at the top.  I don’t have a table saw, so I had to be careful when I cut the crown molding piece for this area.

Here’s the finished top crown molding.  I also added in some fluted molding on the front to cover the front of the bookcase. Any gaps at the top were covered by that small piece of quarter round molding at the ceiling.

Then I had to cover up any exposed rough surface of the base.

I cut small pieces of wood to cover the base pedestal.  The molding on the front helps to cover any gaps where the pieces of the bookcase meet too.

I ended up cutting the final piece of wood incorrectly.   So I had to drive to the lumber yard to get a new piece of wood.  Then I came home, and cut it wrong again.   That was a sign that I had to stop for the day!

The next day, I drove to the lumber yard again, brought home yet another piece of wood, cut it, and this time I cut it correctly.

Then I had to sand any rough edges, and paint the bookcase to match the white color of the original baseboard, which is also pretty much the same color of the Ikea bookcase.   One coat of white primer, two coats of interior semi-gloss paint.

I’ll show off how I was able to cut the front molding to meet the profile of the existing baseboard molding.

And here’s the finished bookcase, with all of Mr. C’s books loaded up on it.  They had been so crammed into his old bookcase that he wasn’t taking them out.  Now he can see them better and can easily take them down.

This project was number 82 on the list of things to do around the house.  There are a total of 142 things on the list.

14 thoughts on “Ikea Built-in Bookcase Part 3

      • You should be able to comment at the bottom of each post. Yeah, it’s a very small subscriber list and thought I’d see if you had done any magazine reviews… And then started looking at all your photos 😀

      • I wrote a post a year or so ago about my interest in the work of Richard Powers, that’s pretty much been the extent of my writing on books – besides the occasional review of a young adult novel.

        I found your blog while doing a search for further info on the brief period in the early 60’s when Analog printed in the large format.

        You might be able to expand your readership by commenting on some of the other Sci-Fi blogs like “Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations” which focuses mostly on the 50’s – 60’s, or
        “From Couch to Moon” which focuses on more recent works.

      • ” Who’s Dreaming Who”
        and “Battered tattered yellowed and creased” are two more. I’m better at reading blogs on books rather than keeping up with my own!

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