Ikea Built-in Bookcase Part 2

See that gap on the bottom of the bookcase base ?  That’s there because the floor is not level in our 112 year old house.

It’s not very noticable, though a marble will roll across the floor if placed at the baseboard.  That gap is about 1/4 inch high, just the right height for Mr. C to loose a lego under.

When he dropped the lego and it skipped under the bookcase, he was very upset.  Will it be stuck under there forever like a time capsule, he wondered.  I didn’t see it happen, so I didn’t know what kind of lego piece it was.  Some of those pieces are very small, some are large, some are important and are needed to complete the lego model, others aren’t that important and a substitute can be found instead.  C said it was an important piece.

First, I tried a standard foot long ruler.  Moving it around, trying to move the lego piece to the edge of the wooden base.  All I was able to do was push it further away, down into the back of the base.  I tried a long pice of paper next.  That didn’t have the stiffness of the ruler to get under the piece.  Again, I just only managed to push it further away.  The dust jacket of a book didn’t work either.  Mr. C went out to the backyard to look for a stick.

I then remembered that I had a much longer ruler, a three foot metal ruler.   After about a half hour of moving that ruler around in the gap, out popped the lego piece.

An important piece.    I’ll have to finish this bookcase soon or there will be a time capsule of small lego pieces under it.


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