Apple picking

Mr. C loves aples, so we always take at least one trip each Fall to one of the many local apple orchards.   Here’s some photos from an orchard we visited in New Hampshire during our camping trip earlier this month, Poverty Hill Orchard in Lebanon, New Hampshire.


They have the popular varieties like Red Delicious and Cortland, and also a lot of unusual ones like Hudson’s Golden Gem, Esopus Spitzenburlg, Calville Blanc D’Hiver, and Sweet Alford.  Every one is different and was bred for a different purpose such as for baking, cider, or just eating.


Most of the orchard is on a steep hill, so Mr. C liked running down the hill, stomping on fallen apples on his way down.


Something they do here that I had never seen before is graft a branch of one variety onto a tree of a different variety.  So there will sometimes be red apples on one side of the tree, and dark brown on the other.

They don’t mind if you try them before picking, so we tried a lot of unusual apples.  Sweet, sour, bitter, thin skin, thick skin, hard, crisp, soft, mushy, red, brown, yellow, green.

He lost some of his baby front teeth recently, which I thought would slow down the apple eating, or maybe require me to cut up the apples.  No, he just uses the teeth on the side instead.  It’s somewhat slower, but the quantity eaten is still the same.

‘I think I’ll have a nice juicy apple!’  he says at least three times a day


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