Here’s some photos from the camping trip in Vermont we had last week.

Luckily it was still warm enough to camp.  By mid-October it can get pretty chilly in Vermont, but this year it was still fairly nice at night, though we were glad we had our Winter weight sleeping bags!

Some years we have a camping area with only a small pit in the ground for a camp fire.  This year there was a large concrete grill area at the camp site, which made it easier to make dinner over the fire.   That’s my knee in the lower right corner of the photo!




The state park ranger headquarters offered five small pieces of wood for $6.   Since I’m very cheap, I just gathered up the fallen branches from the surrounding area, and used a small saw to cut up a fallen birch tree. The pile here was used up in one night.

I sometimes take what I call ‘Danger Photos’ of Mr. C, and forward them on to my Mom.  For this trip, I forwarded several photos of Mr. C using the saw to cut up logs, which I would never have done when I was a kid.

Mr. C was fascinated with with this log that had two huge mushrooms attached to it.   He brought his bird watching guide with him and marked off quite a few birds that he saw for the first time, including a kestrel.



The camp site was near the Appalachian trail, which runs pretty much north – south through the center of Vermont, up and down a lot of the best hills and mountains.  I realized very quickly how out of shape I was while going up the trail.  ‘I’ll help you up over that rock, Dada!’, Mr. C said as he bounded back down the trail to find out why I was so far behind.


And here’s the view near the top of a summit on the trail.  That mountain in the background is used as a ski resort in the Winter, you can see some of the ski trails at the top.


There was a family of Chinese tourists in the campsite next to us. One of whom told me that the night sky in Vermont reminded him of his childhood since he had not seen any stars at night in 40 years.


It was over too soon, we headed back home, down a lot of narrow roads like this one.

6 thoughts on “Camping

  1. Hi Peter,
    Great trip; thanks for sharing! The colors on the trees are fabulous in New England in the Fall. I have been to Quebec in the same period and it was very pretty.
    It sounds like a “Father-Son” camping trip. 🙂
    I have done ” civilized” camping in campgrounds. Never in the wild.

    Have a great weekend, my friend.

    • It’s a nice time of the year to go camping, not too hot, not too cold, very few bugs, not very crowded.
      There were a number of us in the group, Columbus Day weekend is the big foliage weekend here, so it’s something of a family tradition.

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