Super Blood Moon

This past weekend, there was a rare ‘Super Blood Moon’.  This happens when the moon’s orbit is at it’s closest approach to the earth, combined with a lunar eclipse.  Apparently the next time this is supposed to happen is in 2033.  This seemed like something that Mr. C might want to see, since he’s interested in just about anything Science related.  He’ll also be in his 20’s when it happens again, so we planned on trying to see it.

A few days ahead of time, we told Mr. C about what was going to happen, and that if he wanted to see it he would have to stay up late.  Throughout the day of the big event,  he got increasingly excited, both with the idea of seeing something unusual that was Science related, and also with being able to stay up late.  He gathered up all kinds of things that he thought might be useful in our expedition, such as water bottles, bandages, cell phone chargers, extra shoes, and a variety of snacks.  He then stuffed everything into his backpack and was ready to go at about 4:30 in the afternoon.

About four hours later, during which Mr. C’s head was just about ready to explode with the excitement, we gathered together all of his supplies and headed out.  We drove over to the local High School, where there is a large open area of sports fields, which we thought would help to reduce the number of obstructions such as trees.  When we arrived we saw that there were about a dozen other people who had the same idea, so at least we were not the only crazy people doing this.

We had a large quilt which Mr. C sat with in the ground.  I had read that the moon may turn a shade of red as it reflected the sun during the eclipse.  We watched the moon slowly being eclipsed, though we didn’t notice a great deal of color change.

‘Take a picture, take a picture!’  Mr. C said.

With all those random things that he wanted to pack, did I remember to bring my camera ?   No.

So, all I had with me was my smart phone, which doesn’t really take very good photos in very low light conditions.  This is the best one, you might be able to see a little bit of the eclipse taking a bite out of the moon.  The lights on the bottom right side are from the High School.


While I was struggling with my camera phone, trying to improve the quality of the photos I was taking, Mr. C was slowly dozing off.  By about 9:00pm, Mr. C was wrapped up in the quilt and was fast asleep.   I had to pick him up and carry him over to the car, which is not so easy to do when it is nighttime, and also since he is now about four feet tall and weighs more than fifty pounds.

I did get a pretty good photo of the sunset though.




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