Planet of the Heleniums

In past years I would write a few posts about the garden, but not this year, I just haven’t been able to spend much time gardening this year.  Unfortunately, what has happened due to this lack of gardening time is that the clump of helenium that I planted about 15 years ago has taken over the garden.  Helenium is a perennial flower with medium sized daisy-like flowers.  They bloom for months and spread, spread, spread everywhere.


There’s 30 or so other perennials in the garden, but you can’t see them, they’ve been crowded out by the heleniums.  I usually have a few more of these red lilies , but not this year.   The common name is sneezeweed.   Hmmm… this probably explains Mr. C’s frequent sneezing since they’ve started blooming.


Doesn’t matter if it’s not a sunny area either, they can insert themselves everywhere.  They’re native to the area, so at least they’re not an invasive species.


There’s three rose bushes in the picture below… somewhere.


They’ve moved to the neighbor’s yard too.


And down the street, about a block away, on the sidewalk.


At least, I’ve seen a lot more birds in the yard this year, like orioles and finches,  which are not uncommon here but there has been a noticeable increase of these and other birds.  Also,  they look good in a bouquet.



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