Sorry, little tree!

Mr. C planted a tree late last year, I think it was a Japanese Maple seedling.


To try to help make sure it survived the snowy winter, I made a little triangle shaped wooden shelter for it.  I’m sure that the shelter helped since we had a record 110″ of snow this past year, and without the shelter it would have been crushed.   It was also just a few feet from our driveway and since I had to put the snow that I shoveled from the driveway somewhere,  the little shelter ended up being completely covered by up to fifteen feet of snow at the height of the winter snow.



Once all the snow melted, it seemed to be doing fine in the early Spring, (sorry, no photo of the tree in the Spring, but it did have nice foliage at first) , but soon all of the leaves withered away and fell off.    Since then, the tree has completely withered away and died.



I checked some gardening websites, and apparently Japanese Maples are fickle when they are this young.  Most likely all that melting snow waterlogged its roots and killed it.

Mr. C was not upset at the time, but now when he passes the spot  he says; ‘That’s where the tree used to be.”.

He’s looking around for another seedling to try too.



7 thoughts on “Sorry, little tree!

  1. My granddaughter brought home a little white pine seedling. We planted it, then had to move it, and it died. I went out into our wetlands and dug up another one. Then it died and I dug up another one. That third one is about eight years old now. Some da, my daughter will probably tell her the story and they’ll have a good chuckle.

    • I’m learning a lot about trees from doing this! I had no idea that the mortality of seedlings was as high as it is. We’ll probably try some other type of tree now.

  2. I thought the shelter was a great idea and I was hopeful when you posted in spring that it had survived. This year seemed to be one of those “catepillar” springs also, which is hard on young trees. I hope you have better luck with another tree.

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