Tintin Versus Advanced Myopia

Here’s another example of how old I am.

Mr. C and I have been reading Tintin lately, and since we’ve read the two Tintin books that we have at home, I thought I’d order one that he had not read yet.

Here’s what one of our copies looks like.  It’s a large format paperback,  looks like it’s about 12″ by 9″.  The artwork is reproduced nicely, and the large format makes font easy to read.



So I go online to order some additional Tintin stories and I notice a nice hardcover edition that includes three stories, so I order that one.

And here it is below.   It’s a very nice hardcover, with lots of additional information about the author, how he worked, and his inspirations.  Notice, however, how much smaller it is than the paperback ?   I didn’t notice the dimensions of the book when I ordered it.  Oh well, what’s the difference, you ask ?




Well, for my old man eyes this smaller size means that I really can’t read this without a fairly bright light overhead, which Mr. C’s room does not have, and even if it did it wouldn’t make for relaxing bedtime reading anyway.



So what I do is make up a lot of the story instead of giving myself a headache trying to read that 2 point type.

“How are we ever going to get out of this jail, Scruffy ?”

“The dog’s name is Snowy, Dada.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right, OK, let’s see what’s on the next page.”

“I like this story better when Mommy reads it.”

Bifocals here I come!


4 thoughts on “Tintin Versus Advanced Myopia

    • I’ve also skipped parts that i don’t like, but he’ll figure out that I do that since he’ll usually have someone else read the same book and he’ll notice the differences.

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