What’s digging in our yard ?

I’ve noticed that some kind of animal has been digging in our back yard.  Not so unusual for New Hampshire, there’s always lots of small animals around during the Summer.  The strange thing is that whatever kind of animal it is has been digging in the same exact spot every night.



Every morning I go out to the backyard and fill in a hole that is about six inches deep.  There is a spray of soil around the hole that has been scattered up to a foot or so away from the hole.  It is always in the same place in the grass in the backyard.

Then, sometime during the night, whatever it is comes back and digs the hole again.  This has been happening just about every night this month.

Is it a squirrel with a very good memory, looking for a nut that was buried last Fall ?   Or maybe it is a squirrel that just thinks that it has a very good memory, and there never really was a nut there anyway ?   Or maybe a determined skunk, searching for what he thinks must be a horde of grubs hiding somewhere deep under the lawn ?  If I don’t keep filling it in every morning, will it get deeper and deeper every day  ?

Mr. C thinks it’s something digging out, not digging in.  Maybe he’s right.



3 thoughts on “What’s digging in our yard ?

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