Lunch Money

It’s not too often that you can hear children’s music anywhere on the radio, but thanks to Pandora, an internet radio service, we’re able to hear a lot of children’s music that we otherwise would hear at all.  One of our favorites is this band out of South Carolina; Lunch Money.

What makes them unusual is that most of their songs are stories told from the perspective of a kid.  After hearing yet another heartfelt rendition of ‘You Are My Shine’, it’s nice to hear something different.   They do a good job of pointing out some of the things that most kids like to do, things that I have almost completely forgotten about such as in the song with the video above; “I Want to Push Buttons”.   It certainly helps that their lyrics are always filled with wit and humor, with such lines as:

“The accordion is a one man band, thanks to all those buttons.

I know your phone is fancy pants, but it doesn’t have any buttons

I want to push buttons, but not the ones that make you mad a me!”

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have very many videos posted, here’s another one for their song “I Want a Cookie as Big as My Head”, which seems to have been taken by someone in the crowd.

It’s a song about wanting a cookie, but not just any cookie… a cookie as big as your head.



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