Mr. C’s Mosaic Project

Here’s a art project Mr. C worked on this past Fall.

For years I’ve had an interest in mosaics.  This must date back to  High School where I learned about Roman art during my struggles learning Latin.  A few years ago I went to Italy and during a tour of a museum, a guide asked my why I was taking pictures of the floor while everyone else was taking pictures of other people or of the sculptures.  How could I not take pictures, have you seen this mosaic on the floor?, I said.  He thought there was something wrong with my camera and was going to offer to try to fix it.

So I was showing Mr. C some pictures of mosaics, in books and also some of the awesome mosaics that fellow blogger Terri has done and featured on her  blog;  Time to be Inspired .      Mr. C asked if we could do something like that.    The one place in our backyard that I thought we could try to do something is at the base of an exterior light.  It has a large concrete base surrounded by grass and flowers, it’s simply utilitarian, somewhat ugly.  I let it get surrounded by plants during the Summer so we don’t have to see so much of it.



We didn’t have any tile, so we used some flat stones we collected from the beach.



We also used some pieces of blue and green glass that Ms. J had run through the rock tumbler, so that they look somewhat like sea glass.  C spread out the grout and carefully put in each stone.  Some he moved around quite a bit until he found a good spot. It’s not supposed to be anything specific, just a jumble of stones to make the base of the light look better.

We didn’t have enough stones, so we’ll have to go back to the beach!  Here it is so far.  This picture was taken in the Fall, hopefully it has survived the 100+ inches of snow!


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