Everything is Awesome


We love Legos here, and here’s one reason why. 

 Mr. C received a Lego set that happened to be missing two pieces.  He spent a lot of time putting the set together and once he realized that two pieces were missing he was very disapointed.  He had opened the box and made it on the kitchen table so all of the pieces had to be nearby. He looked everywhere; under the table, under the refrigerator, under the stove, nope, nowhere.  One of the pieces was a tire axle, and since the set was a police truck that truck wasn’t going anywhere until we replaced thoses pieces. 

So i thought I’d take a chance and email the Lego people.  Every part has an inventory number on Lego sets, so armed with the appropriate numbers I searched the Lego website, was soon able to find the customer service email address, sent them the message about the missing pieces and assumed I would never hear back. 

To my surprise, in two days Lego sent me an email in reply.  Their email said they would be happy to replace the pieces but that it might take six to eight weeks.  Seemed fine to me, I was happy they replied at all! 

About a week later a package arrived with the missing pieces along  with a letter apologizing for the wait!

As the title of the theme song of last year’s Lego Movie, says; “Everything is Awesome!” 



6 thoughts on “Everything is Awesome

  1. That is good to hear. My girls have been serious Lego addicts lately, I had to hide them away on the nice days in order to get them to go outside. Love to hear that they’ve got quality customer service too!

    • C is just Lego Lego Lego all day long.

      I was surprised how quickly the new part arrived too, I’ve never had much luck contacting other toy companies.

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