Our New Tree

This past Fall, Mr. C planted a tree in the front yard.

In the Spring, we had found what appears to be a Red Maple trying to grow very close to the house foundation.  Red Maples are a bit weedy around here, meaning they can seem to easily grow just about anywhere.  I didn’t want it so close to the house, so we dug it up and put it in a small pot to see how it was doing before we found a permanent spot.


In the Fall, we picked a spot in the front yard and Mr. C helped to plant the new tree.


When Winter came, I built a small protective cover out of some wood scraps. I thought it might help to protect the little tree from piles of snow.


As Spring approaches now, Mr. C can’t wait to see how the little tree is going to do in the coming year.  I hope it has survived the Winter, it’s still covered by about ten feet of piled up snow.  It’s somewhere under this pile of snow!




5 thoughts on “Our New Tree

  1. Gee, I hope the little tree survives… especially since your son planted it. We are wondering how plants fared under our snow mountains, too. Fingers crossed!

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