Advent calendar

We looked and looked and looked for a children’s advent calendar for Mr. C. They were sold out everywhere. I’m sure it didn’t help that we started to look for one on December 1!

Both the Lego and Playmobil calendars cost something like $70, so I guess we saved some money by not finding one. Ms. J however decided that we really should have one, so she made one herself.

She used the bottoms of small match boxes to create individual numbered “days”, and surrounded it with an outside layer of cardboard that was covered with some cloth and a ribbon.



Here’s Mr. C opening box #1



And here’s another sample of something we put in one of the boxes. It was hard to find things to fill it up since the boxes are so small. We found some small Schleich animal figures that fit in, other boxes were filled with M&Ms or other small candies.



I usually forget how excited he is about surprises. Not all of the boxes hold little Schleich animals, many just have a couple of small pieces of candy, raisins, or just a few pieces of loose change. Even if that day’s gift is just two M&Ms, he is still very happy to find out what is in each little box. ‘Yeahhhh! Two raisins!!!!” That’s the purpose of the calendar I suppose.


4 thoughts on “Advent calendar

  1. $70 for a Lego advent? Boy, am I glad my kids are grown up! But I think this is a lovely idea, and very personal so you can fill the calendar with things you know Mr. C will like!

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