A 30 Year Christmas Tradition

In the last post I wrote about Hess holiday trucks, another tradition I look forward to is the annual appearance of Darlene Love on David Letterman’s Late Show to sing ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’. She’s been appearing on the show every year for the past 30 years, starting in 1986. It’s funny to think that the song was just a little over 20 years old in ’86. At the time, 20 years seemed like a long time to me, but now it doesn’t seem so long ago since a large percentage of my music collection is more than 20 years old!

The presentation has gotten increasingly more elaborate over the years, but it’s the song that matters more than all the added extras. This could be the last year of this tradition though, as Letterman is retiring at the end of the year. Maybe his replacement, Stephen Colbert will continue this tradition, but maybe he’ll have something new to start a new tradition.

Here’s the first time she was on the show, and further below is her appearance from last year. The same guys are still in the Letterman band 25 years later!

Here’s 1986



Here’s 2013


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