Hess Trucks



One of the things that Mr. C has started to look forward to is the annual appearance of the new Hess truck during the Christmas season.

Since 1964 Hess gas stations have been selling toy trucks during the holiday season, each year they offer a different truck. They’re very sturdy and will often be battery powered with lights and moving wheels. Over the years they have ranged from gas delivery tanker trucks to helicopters, flat bed trucks, fire engines, boats, and planes. The truck will be in the Hess company colors of green and white, emblazoned with the Hess logo.

Around here, you know the holiday season has started when you tune into AM radio and hear the annual Hess truck jingle; “The Hess truck’s here and it’s better than ever!”. It may not sound like much, but it’s being sung to the tune of “My Boyfriend’s Back”, and you have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day. (“Hey now, hey now, the Hess truck’s back!”) They’re usually available only from around Thanksgiving until Christmas, or until supplies last.

“Maybe this year it will be a boat!” Mr. C said to me a few days ago.

“I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see”.

We were at a Hess station over the weekend, they had a poster up announcing this year’s version. I tried to distract Mr. C to make sure he didn’t see it. I think it worked.

It’s not a boat though, looks like it’s going to be a some kind of plane with a truck that carries it.

Looks like the tradition may be ending soon though. Hess has sold off their retail gas station operations and all stations will be rebranded with the new owner’s name by 2016. At least it’ll be around a year or two more.

4 thoughts on “Hess Trucks

  1. My oldest is also a Hess Truck fan, and I heard the radio commercials today for the latest truck…I’m heading to the web site today I think. Too bad about the prospective end of the line though, some of the products are pretty awesome.

    • They’re really nice, considering they’re a promo for a gas station. Our source has been a generous relative. Otherwise I probably would not have given them a chance, I would have assumed that they would be low quality since they’re a promotional thing, but they’re always very well done and very sturdy.

  2. 50th Anniversary truck and possibly the last.. might have to rush and go early! My father has been buying them for my nephew.. I think we’ll need to ask him to get a few more extra, just for memory’s sake.

    • I think they’re available on a Hess website now too! It’s only been a couple of years that I’ve known about them, which may be a good thing since the house would be full of Hess trucks if I had known years ago.

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