Origami Master

I’m constantly looking for new things to do to keep Mr. C fully activated, so earlier this week I displayed my mastery of the ancient art of origami.

He was very impressed with my skill at making airplanes. Using scissors to cut the wings in the shape you want and then using masking tape to hold the two pieces of paper together is actually allowed under the rules of origami.



We then moved on to making a boat. I said it would be OK if he wanted to use the new boat in the tub. Mr. C didn’t think the boat would float and would just turn into a wet pile of mush if he used it in the tub. It just needs some more masking tape to make it seaworthy! Or it could be used as a hat instead.



So then we advanced to the master level of origami. A paper plane in the shape of a F15 jet fighter!




This is a ten minute video showing how a single piece of paper can be made into the shape of a jet fighter I watched it several times, watching closely as the master carefully folded the paper. I rewound the video frequently, trying to figure out what an “inverted fold” and a “mountain fold” is. The video has more than 14 million views. I probably account for close to 1 million of those 14 million.

This is what I came up with.





It’s back to simple glider planes for me.





6 thoughts on “Origami Master

  1. Nice attempt, that would be too complex for me to try! One year we made lots of paper boats in the early spring and floated them down the driveway, the girls were amazed that they floated and didn’t turn to mush right away. Fun with paper! 🙂

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