Cheapest Halloween Costume Ever

Me: What do you want to be for Halloween ?

Mr. C:  A tiger!!!!!!  Roar!!!!!!!

Me:  Ok, that’s easy.

I always like the home made costumes better, and I like the challenge of trying  to make what he comes up with each year.

Take an orange shirt.  $3 from the LL Bean outlet.



Then take some masking tape and some black spray paint.  Both of which I already had.



Cover the shirt in random stripes of the masking tape, and then spray on the paint.  Remove the tape when the paint dries.

And we have a tiger!


Then we top it off with a tiger hat!  $1 orange hat at a craft store, cut off the brim and then turn that cut off brim into two ears with black marker stripes and white paint for the inside of the ears.

We also made a tiger tail too, sorry the pictures of that did not come out very well. It was a piece of rope covered in masking tape and then covered again in brown wrapping paper that was painted orange with black stripes, which was then attached to that backside of his belt.

Total cost $4!

I think this makes me officially the cheapest parent ever!



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