Milford, New Hampshire


I’ll show off some photos I took while in Milford over the weekend! Milford, New Hampshire, is a nearby town which can boast of having the best toy store in the area, it happens to be next door to the best hardware store in the area too. So whenever I say that I need to go to the hardware store, Mr. C knows that he’s probably going to the toy store too. They know us at the toy store and don’t mind that we usually don’t buy anything. I suppose they know us at the hardware store too. That’s what happens when you have a 100+ year old house.

It’s an old mill town on a river, hence the name, with a nice town square known as ‘The Oval’. It’s really shaped like a triangle. Apparently it was oval shaped many years ago but with changing traffic patterns it is now more like a triangle. ‘The Oval’ sounds better anyway. The Oval is a large grassy area filled with old shade trees. There is a bandstand at one end and several memorials and statues. It’s surrounded by small locally owned shops, restaurants, and city services like the library and town hall.

Here’s a difference between New Hampshire and neighboring Vermont. A town like this in Vermont would be a top tourist destination, with The Oval surrounded by expensive restaurants. But it’s in New Hampshire, so you can get an inexpensive breakfast at one of the many diners, which is why we were there this time.

I find The Oval hard to photograph. There is usually a number of cars driving around it, so any photos will tend to look like just any other traffic circle. The bandstand at the north end makes for a good photo op. Unfortunately, my photos of the bandstand are filled with the blur that is Mr. C as he raced around the center of the bandstand pretending to play an invisible trumpet. I suggested that he start the Milford Pretend Orchestra and Chorus and present weekly concerts. I’d play the pretend tuba. Here’s the best photo I could get, which at least gives a sense of the greenery and the old civic architecture of the old town hall.




Here’s an old house which is now being used by a local church as a community center. That tree may look like an huge old Oak tree, but it’s actually a Maple tree. A maple has to be pretty old to get that large.



Next to this house is a large memorial recognizing the 100th anniversary of the Rotary organization. It’s in the shape of a large brick and brass wheel walkway surrounded by a garden. Mr. C used the walkway to demonstrate the paths of the planets of the solar system. Running around the circle while also turning in a circle. This was at 8:30 am. Where does he get the energy, I have no idea.

Oh wait, I know where he gets the energy from. We had just finished breakfast at one of the five places serving breakfast. When we go out for breakfast, I used to be able to finish my breakfast and get a taste of Mr. C’s too. As he’s gotten older he now finishes all of his breakfast, and then takes forkfuls of what I haven’t finish from mine. Hey, where’s my second pancake?

Heres the car that was parked in front of the place where we were having breakfast. The arm on the left belongs to Ms. J. This is as close to a photo of Ms. J as we’ll be able to show here, oh well!





And here’s Mr. C fitting in with a sculpture on The Oval. It may look like he’s exhausted, but no, it’s about 9:30am, he’s just getting started.



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