The Clean – Bye, Bye

Next up in the music appreciation series is ‘Bye Bye’ by The Clean. The Clean is a trio from New Zealand made up of brothers Hamish Kilgour and David Kilgour, and Robert Scott, who have been recording sporadically since the mid 80’s. They specialize in short, simple songs with witty lyrics. Not exactly meant to be children’s songs, but they are easy to understand, and they were the first band that I purposely played for Mr. C outside of the Raffi sort of kids songs. Kind of like what The Ramones would sound like if they tried to do an album of children’s songs.

It was probably twenty years ago that I first bought this CD. Back then, I would journey into Boston to go to the huge Tower records store, or to the specialty music store in Boston called Newbury Comics. I would spend a large part of my salary on CDs by obscure bands from around the world. The Clean were the first of several bands from New Zealand whose CDs make up a significant percentage of the CDs that are now mostly stored in boxes in a closet. I suspect that now you can not get a CD by a band like this, at best you could buy a digital copy via iTunes. It’s probably not worthwhile for the recording companies or music stores to stock this kind of obscure stuff.

This song was an early favorite of Mr. C, with its simple chorus of

‘Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye, for now’

When he first started to say ‘Bye bye’ to people, he would finish it off with “… for now”

“Bye, Bye…. for now!”

I had not played it for some time when I took it out recently and played it for Mr. C. ‘I remember this song. I used to like this when I was a baby!’

Here’s another one of their songs, ‘Ginger Ale’, which is sung by Robert Scott’s young daughter; Brydie Scott, who sounds as though she was about five years old when it was recorded.  It’s a story about going to the store to get some ginger ale!

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