More roses


I had a brief post in June with a photo of our climbing rose bush. Now the pink roses are blooming. The red ones from the earlier post are in the background.

When I moved here there was only three feet of gravel here, presumably to keep weeds away. The roses seem to be as good a job as the gravel, and they look better too.

8 thoughts on “More roses

  1. Lovely roses! I have just succeeded in producing the first roses ever from a bush and am very proud!

    • You’ll have to use a photo of your roses to illustrate a book review!

      Now I’m trying to think of a book with ‘Rose’ in the title, besides ‘The Name of the Rose’.

      • There’s also A Rose for Emily by Faulkner, but that’s a short story.

        Or you could go with something tenuous like ‘By The Pricking of My Thumbs’ by Agatha Christie.

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