1 Day 1 World Project: 8:00pm – 9:00pm


We took Mr. C to see his first movie in a theater this weekend, and considering that he loves Legos, that first movie was ‘The Lego Movie’.  I was surprised to find out that it was still playing, considering that it had been released about six months ago, but there is a second-run theater not too far away from us that was still showing it.

We went to an afternoon showing, partly to get away from the heat of the day, but also because it would most likely be a fairly empty theater.  We weren’t sure how he would react to seeing a large screen movie for the first time, would he squirm around, would there be scary parts that he would not want to see, would he get bored, have to go to the bathroom, not be able to see the screen over the seat in front of him, and on and on like that.  So we thought that the 4:10pm showing would be a good choice since we could get seats without having to worry about anyone sitting in front of Mr. C.  It also helped that since it was a second run theater it only cost $3.75 each to get in!

The movie was much better than I thought it would be, it could have been just a long commercial for Legos, but it is actually quite good and very funny at times.  I have no idea how much of it Mr. C understood, but he sat still from start to finish and was  fully immersed in the story.

What does a 4:10 showing of ‘The Lego Movie’ have to do with the 8:00pm – 9:00pm hour ?   Well as soon as we got home, he emptied out his huge Lego bin and began to try to build the sets and characters from the movie, and continued to do so well past his usual bedtime.  So from 8:00pm to 9:00pm, we were all building various Lego creations as directed by Mr. C, until our fingers bled, or until he collapsed from exhaustion, whichever came first.

Anyone who saw the film might recognize ‘Lord Business’, pictured above, the evil nemesis of our Lego hero from the film; Emmet Brickowsi.  He’s a little Lego man, who puts on large stilts and has a large hat that may have shot flames out the top when he wants to intimidate his foes. At least that’s what Mr. C remembered him doing.   Or perhaps the pirate boat of Silverbeard, below.  Both entirely made by Mr. C.


Of course, he eventually did go to sleep, it might have been close to 10:00pm.   I however, was still awake for a several more hours, it may have been the Summer heat and humidity that kept me up, or it may have been the theme song for the Lego movie that has been stuck in my head since we saw the film.  ‘Everything is Awesome!’.  An ingenious song meant to parody catchy pop songs that get stuck in your head, that manages to actually be an awesome pop song that really does get stuck in your head.

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