Sera Cahoone – Nervous Wreck

Mr. C likes this video of Sera Cahoone’s song, ‘Nervous Wreck’. I think it’s because it has a dog in it. That’s Sera with the dog, and also on the drums. I like it since the people dancing do look like they are genuinely having a good time.

Sera Cahoone was previously in a band from Seattle which had a very different sound than what she is doing now, ‘Carissa’s Wierd’. And yes, that’s how they spelled it.

Carissa’s Wierd recorded some of the saddest songs I’ve heard. Maybe the titles of two songs, ‘Die’ and ‘They’ll Only Miss You When You Leave’, might convey the general mood of that band’s music. While I do find their music to be enjoyable, I do need to be in the right mood to listen to it, which is actually not very frequently since it’s so very, very sad! Once the band broke up, most of the band members went on to work on other projects or form other bands; ‘Grand Archives’, “S”, and Sera has put out a few solo albums. Probably most famously there is ‘Band of Horses’, whose songs ‘Is There a Ghost’, ‘No One’s Going to Love You’, and ‘Laredo’ have all done well. All of the subsequent bands and projects have a somewhat different sound than their earlier band. Must be hard to be sad all the time!

Sera’s songs are like short stories, maybe I’d compare them to Raymond Carver, and the realism of her songs is carried over into the video. I like how each person seems to be a regular person, rather than a professional actor or dancer.

The video above is the ‘Outtakes’ version, below is the original. I think I may prefer the ‘Outtakes’ version, there’s no dog in the original version!

‘Nervous Wreck’ would seem to be a good description of my default state as a parent.



9 thoughts on “Sera Cahoone – Nervous Wreck

  1. Definitely an infectious song! People are laughing a bit more in the outtakes version…the “play dead” trick with the dog is pretty cute…

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