It’s apparently garden week here, so I’ll show off some of our tomato plants. We started them from seeds back in March.


The tomato plants are in a variety of containers, including some not very photogenic cat litter bins.

When I was a kid I thought my Dad was crazy for spending so much time on his tomato plants considering how many tomatoes he would harvest. Apparently I have become my Dad.


3 thoughts on “Tomatoes

  1. I happens to all of us… my voice turns squeaky when I’m mad at my kids. My brother and I used to laugh at my mom for that…. But your tomatoes look great! Mine are struggling. I placed them all around our part shade yard hoping to find a sunny enough spot. Two are doing alright, the rest are very sad!

    • Tomatoes are not that easy, at least not for me. We’re getting a good mix of rainy days and hot sunny days now so they’re doing great. But I usually end up killing them by mid August by not watering them enough.

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