1 Day 1 World Project: 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Lisa from Northwest Frame of Mind started a new series on her blog where participants write a post on what they were doing during the specified hour on the Saturday of each week. Kind of like the television program ’24’. It’s an interesting idea, you can check out the other submission form all over the world to see what other people have been doing at that time. Here’s my submission.

We’re planning Mr. C’s 5th birthday party, so at that time we weren’t doing anything that exciting, so no beautiful shot of a hike in the Southern New Hampshire mountains this week!

We had the bright idea of giving the kids at the birthday party a small Lego kit as a party favor, and then having them build it as a fun activity they could do at the party. So we took a trip to a local Lego store to see if they had any small inexpensive sets. (For anyone who doesn’t know the “Lego Store” is a toy store that only sells Legos. My older brother was very much into Disney with his son, I suppose with me it’s Legos!)

After talking to am employee there, I was soon disappointed to find out that buying eight small Lego sets would cost much more than I had expected. Eight of the smallest boxes of Legos would end up costing more than $60.

However, Ms. J had another idea. The store has a wall of bins filled with Lego bricks and other assorted parts. You can fill up a large cup with as many pieces as you can cram in for $17. Maybe we could come up with a small car or plane or something that the kids could make from the parts that we could cram into one of those cups ?

So, we spent most of Saturday afternoon at the Lego store, trying to come up with our own Lego design that did not have too many pieces, that could be easily made by a group of five year old kids, and whose pieces could be crammed into a Lego cup.

After many, many, many, prototypes of a variety of vehicles, which involved us spreading Lego pieces on the store floor and then trying to come up with something, Ms. J won the competition with a very cool looking space ship. So then we had to gather up all of the component parts from the bins on the wall and cram them in. We did have to do some simplifying of the design a few times, and after at least an hour, we managed to cram in all of the pieces! I’m sure the store employees that we were crazy, but they most likely see a lot of that sort of thing. A store employee told me that one customer bought a set that cost more than $100 just to get a few of the very specialized pieces to make something of his own design. Whew, an exciting Saturday evening for us from about 4:00 to 6:00pm!

Here it is. It was so crammed with pieces that the top wouldn’t fit back on for the photo. Yeah, eight little Legos sets for the party for just $17!


On Sunday, we then had to try to remember what that space ship looked like and divide up the pieces into eight piles and put them into small bags to get ready for the party.

Of course we had no recollection at all of what it looked like, and had not taken a photo.

So, Ms. J, Mr. C, and I then spent about two hours on Sunday afternoon trying to come up with something with the pieces we had in the big Lego cup.

And Ms. J wins the design competition again!

Ok Kids, lets make a Lego space ship! You can make it in any color you want as long as it’s black!


Ok, getting a little stressed about this birthday party. Maybe a soothing photo of a previous hike in New Hampshire will be calming.



11 thoughts on “1 Day 1 World Project: 5:00 – 6:00 PM

  1. The Lego spaceship is a cool design! And what an enterprising idea (ha! no pun intended) – Lego costs so much, but this will give everyone a treat and not at too much cost!

  2. What a fun way to spend your afternoon, Peter! A few years ago I went to the Lego Store looking for party ideas and after some fast math settled on those containers from the brick wall too. 🙂 Thanks for joining the 1D1W project this week!

      • It saved a little money and I think the kids had a lot more fun building their own creations than re-creating something from the box. If the kids really like figures though then those mystery mini-figs in the small bags by the register are a fun treat and only cost a couple of dollars each. 🙂
        I hope you enjoy the other entries!

      • They told us about those figures, but that store didn’t carry them. They were very helpful, considering that we were trying to not spend a lot.

        Turned out that we miscounted by three blocks. I was surprised that C just went over to his own pile of blocks to find replacements. I’m sure I would have had some kind of melt down when I was his age if I were asked to give up three Legos!

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