Guest Post

For those of you who just can’t get enough of my writing skills, I’ve finally gotten around to posting a link to a guest post I wrote for a Joachim Boaz’s book review blog ‘Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations’.

Joachim is a fellow enthusiast of vintage Sci-Fi illustration, though he also writes reviews on the books themselves as well. I’ve been reading his blog for a while now, and commenting mostly on his posts on design and illustration. He knows quite a bit more on the subject than I do!

He recently put the call out for guests to write reviews on the works of Michael Bishop, and I was surprised that he agreed to run mine considering that while I was familiar with the name, I had never read anything by him and I know next to nothing about Mr. Bishop! Mine was one of ten guest posts, it is on his novella from 1975 ‘Allegiances’.

So while this is a little bit of self promotion, I’m actually more interested in promoting Joachim’s blog than the guest post. He puts a lot of work into the blog and always has something interesting to say, wether you’re a fan of this type of fiction or not.

Here’s the link right here!


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